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How to build solar panels ? Answered

Hello I have a question.

I am searching for a possibility to build a solar panel at home. I only find E-books that you need to pay for.

Do you know if there are any free offers ? I mean something really simple, like these Ebooks because I am not really a Handyman. :D

Do you know if this site is trustable www.selfmade-solarpanels.com and if it is worth to buy one of these Ebooks ?

I really dont want to spend that much money but I am really interessted in this topic and I am not so good in searching the Internet for the right sources or collecting them in a way I can really build something out of this mess of Information at the end :confused:.

thank you in advance


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10 years ago

The books probably aren't worth it, in direct proportion to how much magic they claim to let you do.

If you want to build a solar panel by buying small PV cells and soldering them together to make a panel, you probably don't need a book- there are Instructables on the subject, as well as a video on youtube by greenpowerscience. You'd be better off finding entry-level books on electronics to learn about the concepts involved, and looking up more specific information about inverters, battery storage etc. if you decide to use that as well.

If you want to make your own the way some of the books claim you can with just copper flashing and some other bits and pieces, don't bother. The books quite rightly claim you can generate electrical energy from sunlight by making copper oxide, but the amount of power you get out from those cells makes a lemon battery look like a nuclear power station. They are a cheap scam selling books detailing a chemistry experiment under the guise of "power your own home with DIY solar energy", which is never going to happen using the methods they describe.


Reply 10 years ago

Thanks so much PKM, I've seen the "Cupric Oxide" stuff around a lot in e-books as well, which I haven't paid for yet. I appreciate the reference to greenpowerscience.