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How to bypass bluetooth device battery and connect directly to car power? Answered

Hey all,

Im looking to buy this bluetooth receiver, but it requires me to turn it on before i can use it.

It has a battery and a switch. charges by micro usb.

I have no knowledge of how a circuit works, but my goal is to remove the battery and switch, cut off the micro usb, solder the +/- and ground to where the switch/battery used to be

The purpose is to have the device turn on whenever the car turns on. 

Is that how this would work? 

Thanks in advanced. 


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6 years ago

-Without knoing how the circuit works you are more likely to destroy it that way.

If it charges over USB, simple connect it to a USB charger and leave the battery in there - if you are lucky it will work without the battery when external power is on, try it out first.

If the switch is not directyl wired between battery and electronics you can't hook it up to the battery directly.
Better way would be to do some research before buying or to pay a few bucks more for a proper device that fits your needs.