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How to calculate amount of leather in sq feet for 16x12 inches bag Answered

Please help me in calculating the leather consumption in making a laptop bag of 16X12x4 inches without any flap or extra compartments. How to calculate and convert inches to sq foot.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

I suggest building a scale model out of some cheaper material, like paper or cardboard, like with tape, to hold it together.

That way you will be able to see how the pieces fit together.

The individual pieces will likely be rectangles, of some size.

The area of a rectangle is just its length times its width.

Adding up the area of each rectangle will tell you the total area of leather needed.

Although, I am not sure how useful that number will be to you. The reason why is because leather does not work like paint. You cannot just go to the local leather store, and tell the leathermonger you want 608 square inches of leather.

The size and shape of the pieces matters too.

That is why I am suggesting you build a paper model first, because that will help you to visualize how the whole thing goes together.

Also I suggest looking at this instructable,


in particular, at the picture in Step 4, which shows all the pieces laid out flat, side by side.