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How to charge a salvaged Li-ion battery pack? Answered

I've recently salvaged a 11.1 V Li-ion battery pack from an old laptop battery. 

Details :

Voltage           :  11.1 V  (  ~ 4400 mAh )
Cell                 :  6 x Samsung 18650 22f  cells  (  3.7 V  and 2200 mAh )
Arrangement  :  3 packs in series , each pack having two cells in parallel 

The charging circuit is intact.  How should I safely charge them?
I'm well aware of the hazards related with improper charging of Li-ion batteries.  Can anybody please suggest some ways to charge it ? any tips ?  
I need to know the proper procedure to safely charge (and discharge ) a Li-ion battery and what does a "protection circuit" do ? Thanks !


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6 years ago

Your Lithium batteries need a constant current of 1C (C = the discharge rate) to charge them. Over charging or high rates of charge or allowing the voltage to fall too low may result in rupture and fire.

NEVER charge them unsupervised.

NEVER discharge them at greater than the manufacturers recommended rate.



Answer 6 years ago

Thanks for the response ! :)