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How to choose speaker for DIY iPhone speaker system Answered

Hi guys

I'm a bit of a tinkerer, but new to audio.  I'm designing an ipod speaker dock from a Gigaware 40-303.  Got the thing apart, but the left speaker is making a bad buzzing sound.  I want to replace the speaker, but I'm unsure of what to look for.  The specs for the system I got the circuit from are as follows:

output: 15 W x 2
Driver size: 3.0" x 2
signal to noise: greater than or equal to 65 dB
freq response: 80Hz-20KHz
rated load impedence: 4 ohms
power rating: 100-240V -50/6-hz, 1 amp

So I need to look for a 3" 15 watt 4 ohm speaker?  I don't want to underload the circuit and draw too much power.  
What about range?  Mid, tweeter etc?  Does that matter?

The original speaker is pictured below.  The sticker on the back is the only identifying info.  Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

You main interest here is matching the ohm rating of the speaker. Next is the correct size that will fit in your enclosure. Power rating is not much of a worry since an Ipod isn't likely to over power any speaker. 

The wattage rating of a speaker is the max. rating and not how much power it takes to run the speaker.

It might be better to replace both speakers so that they are equally matched since the new speaker isn't likely to be the same efficiency and the original speaker.  Find a speaker that has a freq. range close to the original speaker to keep them similar.