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How to clean up fiberglass/polyester resin that accidentally spilled. Answered

How to remove or clean up fiberglass/polyester resin that accidentally spilled on a rug, photos and computer (about half of 32 oz)? I am new to using the resin and I accidentally spilled it while walking near one of my desktop computers, some photos and a rug. The resin that I mixed will never cure because I didn't add enough hardener.


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Best Answer 1 year ago

Whatever is able to clean and dissolve it will also dissolve other plastics or remove paint.
The only "solution" for uncured resin that works half decent is oil.
Orange or citrus oil, linseed oil, vegetable oil...
It prevents the resin from sticking while cleaning up and a coarse cloth can collect it with more or less success.
Removal of resin from a surface however still requires some rubbing and repetition.
Once the surface becomes slippery from the oil and with no resistance from the resin you can clean the remains and oil with soapy water.