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How to connect a battery to a switch to two separate LEDs? Answered

I'm trying to do a project involving recycling optical mice. so i was thinking of sculpting a robot out of these mice. and so far so good. it looks okay. but my point in doing this is i wanna recycle. and i was thinking, what's the point of recycling old mice that just lie there when you made it into a robot that, well, just lies there also. i want to make some use out of it. so i decided i want to integrate LED lights to it as its eyes to maybe serve as my nightlight or something. it would preferably be battery powered and would have a switch. the problem is. i have no idea how to connect the battery to the switch to the LED. i took apart one of the optical mice and i plugged it in my computer while it was bare of its external case to try to figure out connections of it. i noticed it has a sensor at the bottom that when i place something close to it, the LED's light becomes stronger. and when the object is pulled further from the sensor. the LED dims abit. just putting that out there. it could be used but i don't know how . could anybody teach me or point me to a tutorial on how these connections work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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9 years ago

If you want to use the LEDs as illumination, you'd best take them right out of the mouse, then connect up a simple series circuit, battery ~> switch ~> LED(s) ~> back to battery.