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How to connect a landline to Mac on OS X? Answered

---The Problem----
I've searched high and low for something that will allow me to connect my normal landline (see links at bottom of post) to my MacBook Pro (2.16GHz core 2 duo, on OS X Snow Leopard). 
The landline is my work landline, so I can't change it. I really just want to connect it to my Mac through its "To TEL" port, which according to the manual is for connecting phones in parallel.

The minimum I want to be able to do is get audio from the landline to my computer's speakers and audio to it from my computer's speakers. My goal is to be able to work handsfree on my computer while I type.
I'm not keen on a headset for the landline because I hate cables and get tangled up while I type.

If I get my voice routed through to the phone through the Mac's microphone and sound to come out through my speakers from the caller's voice I'd be jumping for joy. I'd be rocketing for joy if through some way I managed to use an AppleScript I found (see links at bottom of post) to dial out of AddressBook to the landline. That would be tres cool, but that'd be me getting greedy.

----What I've been able to find out (I'm pretty clueless)------
PCs can do this with an RJ11 to USB adapter. There are rumors that the DLink DPH-50U works with OS X with a driver no one can seem to find.
Apple stopped making their USB external modems, which didn't cater for voice anyway.

I'm willing to buy stuff to make something if I need, although if it comes to writing drivers I'd need a lot of direction.

----The question-----
Does anyone have any clever ideas on how to solve the problem?

My landline manual:

AppleScript to dial from AddressBook:

Most thankful in advance for any ideas!




9 years ago

Rather than trying to get your Mac to behave like a landline phone, have you tried using Skype? I personally haven't found it as reliable as a regular telephone, but I've mostly used it when travelling. I have colleagues who swear by it.


Answer 9 years ago

Thanks kelseymh. I've been using Skype and similar for years, but they are of no use to me at work since I have a landline there, which is part of their systems and network. I'm not concerned with cheap calls etc since I don't pay for them :D, I really just want a way to be able to get sound in and out of the phone via my computer so I can work and talk on the phone handsfree (and wthout a headset).


9 years ago

Your question is a bit confusing.
"The minimum I want to be able to do is get audio from the landline to my computer's speakers and audio to it from my computer's speakers" - Are you talking about a phone function or VOIP?



Answer 9 years ago

@lemonie: Apologies for not being clear. I've attached an image here to describe what I'm after as a "minimum". Cherries on top would be having dialing out capabilities from my mac, rather than just transferring sound back and forth as my attached diagram shows.

@nadav: Magic Jack looks close to what I want to do. It looks like the "RJ11 to USB adapter" in my diagram attached to this post, right? However, from what I gather I'd have to pay to use it, and I'm in Australia, so no need for US numbers. Hmmm.


9 years ago

Is this what you ment? http://www1.maclife.com/article/reviews/magicjack_internet_phone_system