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How to connect a motor to this PCB ??? Answered

Hi ... in this case, I would appreciate your advice when it comes to connect a little bigger motor to this PCB.

I know, that the description "bigger motor" wont be sufficient, but that's all what I know :( ... I added a picture of this motor. It's from a RC car ... and as you can see, it has a gear box. I used an adapter to make it run (3V-1A) and the power it gives, is enough for my project.

The question/issue I see (with my poor knowledge) ... is to drive this motor from this PCB. This PCB is from a dog bark trainer. It is operated by radio remote control. It was able to make elec. shocks and to vibrate (the small motor). My plan is to operate the gearbox motor CW by pressing the "elec.shock" button on the RC and CCW by pressing the "vibrate" button = (remove the vibra motor, use the connections to drive my motor and do the same, but with opposite wiring by using the elec.shock connections)

Questions :
1. do you think, that the microcontroller would survive the AMPs that the motor would consume ???
2. do you think, that it is the microcontroller that decides, how long is the vibra motor on ??? (it's on for 2 seconds, after pressing the button...my personal opinion is, that yes)

Thank you ... in advance :)



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Best Answer 11 years ago

Without having the exact specs on the motor and the pcb it's hard to tell if it will work or not.  You can't judge by size of motor alone.

You could use transistors or a small relay to do the switching and the pcb to turn the relay on and off.  That way the pcb would only be controlling the current thru the relay.


11 years ago

So ... I did it the hard way - I just tested the motor how much current it consumes = 0.7A when on max ... and I connected it to the pcb. Well it seems to work :) ... but I'm still not sure, if it wont slowly damage the PIC :(