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How to connect an RFID card with a database? Answered

Hello. I have been able to successfully read data from my RFID card using the card reader but I cant seem to connect my RFID card with my database that I have created using Microsoft Access and Visual Studio 2010. I want to be able to use my card to read data from the database when i swipe it and also be able to store data back to the card in order to update the information on each card. Please how do i go about this? I am using an arduino uno board and an RDM 6300 RFID reader 125kHz.


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6 years ago

I found this which might help:


Personally I would store your data in text files. You could write to and from the database by transferring a log file back and forth. I'm assuming you will not be updating the database all the time. This way your code on the arduino only needs to deal with text strings. Also down the road you could change the back end and just need to update the server parts not the arduino.

a simple example John Doe shows up and swipes his card. This gets written to a log with a entry number maybe based on time. Five minutes later the log is sent to the server's ftp server. The server processes it and then outputs information for the arduino. The arduino every hour grabs the information which contains the log number the server is up to so it can clean out any logs older then that log entry and updated information for John. John swipes his card and the card is updated. Depending on how much usage the card reader gets you can adjust the time. Also if you need security you could look at something like sftp.