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How to connect many CRT monitors to a single PC for single/multidisplay ? Answered

I have a lot of CRT monitors and wish to connect them together either to display a single picture(all the same), or one big picture(compound).

I found on ebay a device that from one singe input from pc can extend to 8 monitors to display the same picture.

Any help or ideas?

I will use them for display / art installation, not to work from them so display does not need to be sharp etc.

Thanks people.



6 years ago

You'll need a video card that supports multiple monitors. A pair of these will give you 8 monitors to work with. Assuming your PC has 2 PCI-e 16x slots. Then you can add a PCI video card or 2 to give you more options.


This is all fine as long as your not trying to display anything intensive like video or games. If you want more than pictures it will take a profecinal system costing thusands of dollars.


Answer 6 years ago

Cheap solution. But the images on the monitor will just be a clone of each other. This will not allow you to create a video wall where each monitor is a section of the total image.