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How to connect your Xbox 360 to the internet with out a wifi conection or dial up or broadband? I really need to know ? Answered

I have a Xbox 360 and a laptop ( vista) and psp. I am trying to connect my xbox to the internet and I just can't do it. can any one help?



10 years ago

1) Connect ethernet cable to PC/Laptop and xbox console. 2) Open Network Connections (Start-Run-ncpa.cpl). 3) Right click Wireless Network Connection and select Properties. 4) If the Sharing tab is there, make sure the top box is UNCHECKED! If it's not there, you will find it in the Local Area Connection. 5) When finished, highlight both Wireless Network Connection and Local Area Connection, right click, and Create Bridge. You should then notice your Wireless Network Connection drops down with the new Bridge Connection 6) The most important part now is to right click Local Area Connection and Add To Bridge. You should now be able to see all 3 connections in line. Wait a few seconds to let them connect to each other, and hopefully, that should be you.


Answer 10 years ago

yea i did but It doesn't work for my vista