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How to construct a giant garbage-can-based feed dispenser? Answered

Hi all, So we just got some pigs, and they eat A LOT. For our chickens and ducks, we have a feeder that is a large version of a standard cat food dispenser -- a big gravity-fed bucket that keeps a bowl/trough at the bottom full of feed. We're thinking of trying to construct a giant version of the same thing, using a big garbage can (like a Rubbermaid Brute -- they'll hold about 100lbs at a time) as the storage tank and rigging up some sort of cutout/door/bowl scenario for food dispensing at the bottom. Ideally we want to be able to move the can (when it is closer to empty) every couple of weeks as we rotate the pigs around the property, and they are pretty rambunctious so we need to make sure it won't all fall apart with their roughhousing. Has anyone done anything similar to this? Have any thoughts? Pitfalls I should look out for? Thanks for any ideas! Eileen


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