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How to construct a timing circuit for a LED lighting circuit.? Answered

I am new to electronics but a quick learner. I have a dark path that I want to illuminate for about 2 to 3 minutes using a commercial LED light. It is too far to run a 120V line, so I am hoping to use a 3 - Volt Lithium battery connected to a timer that will shut-off the light automatically. I cannot use a motion sensor as the path is lined with trees that would set it off during windy sessions.
I am hoping to be able to push a normally off button, have the LED bulb illuminate and, after I have walked past the darkened area (2 to 3 minutes) automatically turn off, I need two units, one at each end. Also, can I adapt the lighting system to solar power? I really don't want to replace batteries often.
Can anyone help me. I can solder, follow a diagram and instructions. I will enclose the unit and make it as maintenance free as possible. If my choice of battery power is wrong, please advise me on any improvements. If  there is a commercial timer available please let me where I can buy it incase it's too much for me to build.
Thank you.



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9 years ago

This is similar to what i am trying to work out. I need to wire up a system that would power a strip of 12v leds in the rear section of our ute. possibly a momentary push button, and the leds would turn on for maybe 3 mins, then automatically turn back off again???

If something like this would work, can you possibly give me some advice??




10 years ago

i don't think 1 led w9ill s3uffice. you 9will need about 10 for each unit. a mono3stable 1 s3hot 555 timer w9ill w9ork ju3st fine here is3 a schmatic that i've made

s3orry you mus3t us3e 12v for better efficiency
vary vr1 to determine the on time
the on time varies3 between 243 s3econd3s and 12s3econds3


Answer 10 years ago

Thank you for your help. I appreciate your advice.