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How to control DC motor speed, distance, and direction through Bluetooth??? Answered

Hello all:  Absolute electronic noob here looking for advice.  Thank you all in advance for your input.  What I am trying to make is a small inexpensive rechargeable device that will take small various objects back and for at variable speeds all controlled via Bluetooth.  “Android/IOS.  I would like to keep the device no larger than 6 to 8 inches but, if necessary can go larger.  I am hoping I can control the speed as well as the distance the objects travel via Bluetooth. As far as direction I would like a set back and forth stop point.  At this point the entire project is in my head.  I apologize for my electronic ignorance.  Again Thank You.


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4 years ago

1. This is going to require you learn to program a micro controller.

2. Buy micro controller with BT capability, Spend some time reading up on how to use it.

3. To drive the devices, I am assuming there is a DC electric motor involved here as you talk of forward and backwards movement so you will need an H bridge driver for the micro controller.

4. The good news is everything else is software.

good luck.


Answer 4 years ago

Thank you my good man. I am assuming I will need to learn a programming language??? C, C++, Python?