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How to control KH56JM2 stepper motor using Arduino? Answered

Dear all, could you please help me? I want to control this stepper motor from Japan Servo CO. Model KH56JM2. 
I don't have the wires for this motor. The datasheet of this motor in page 16 of this file http://www.e-jpc.com/pdf/Hybrid-Stepping-Motors-and-Drivers-size-23-56mm-square.pdf


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3 years ago

Your question is not clear..

I believe you are asking for the motor wiring diagram.. If you know how to use an ohmeter you could determine which motor (first picture) very quickly..

However a simple LED (second picture) can be connected ie touched to the motor terminals and then a finger spin of the shaft will let you discover which are the motor coils.. If your motor has only four terminals it is a simple bipolar machine..

If it has six or more connections you will have to do some searching to ID the motor coils..

The third pic is very simple circuit to turn a unipolar stepper motor...

You need to click the pic to see the entire image !