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How to control the speed of this motor ? Answered

I have this spare Dayton Shaded Pole Motor that I would like to use for a project.  When the motor was removed, just two wires are attached to it to which I attached an adapter plug.  When plugged in to a wall outlet, it obviously runs at only one speed.  I was wondering how I could control the speed of the motor thus enabling me to lower the speed.  Would it be possible to add a dial to lower the speed?  

I saw a video on youtube titled How to make a Simple Speed Controller (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YZJ0kJEmh0) and was wonder if this would work for my motor?

In the video, the guy uses a Switch, project box, and potentiometer.  However, should a rheostat be used instead? (someone posted that in the comments to the video)

So, let me know what you think, and how I should go about doing this.

Here are the specs of the motor:
1/40 HP 1550 rpm 115V 60 Hz 1.1 Amp Class A Ins, 40 degree C Max. Amb. Cont. Duty

Thank you.



Best Answer 3 years ago

You can do that, BUT NOT with what he used...

since your only doing 1/40 Hp something like this will work Nicely !

Keep in mind you will have poor performance at lower speeds, but it will give you some rough control

Alternatively you could build a controller using a Triac, but the link I posted would be easiest.


3 years ago

Best way to control speed of a shaded pole motor, is to feed it a lower frequency to lower the speed, converse is also true. Now there are limits on both ends mostly when you slow down more the 20% it is fairly important to also reduce the voltage as you reduce the frequency sinewave, squarewave or stepwave or it overheats...

This also works in full Sun light.

You can also change shaded pole speed with phase control (power dimmer) which simply reduces the available power so the motor slips behind the line frequency a function of belt load making the speed regulation highly unstable and erratic compared to the frequency changing technique....


3 years ago

NO ! The kid in the video is controlling a very low power DC fan, this isn't a great scheme even for a DC fan.

AC shaded pole motors are SLIGHTLY adjustable by using essentially a mains powered dimmer, but they should always be started at full speed.