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How to convert Car subwoofer (Soundstream SPLX 152 HX) for home theatre use ? Thanks Answered


Impedance 2 ohm (Dual Coil)
Sensitivity 91 dB
Fs (hz) 35.96
Qms 6.476
Vas (ft³) 87.56
Cms (mm/n) 0.0794
Mms (g) 247.1
Xmax (mm) 13.00
Xmech (mm) 19.50
Piston Diameter (in) 13.19
Sd (in²) 136.6
Qes 0.503
Re (Ω) 2.95
Z (Ω) 4
BL (Gauss) 18.09
Rms Power (watts) 1,250
Qts  0.467
NO (%) 0.78
1w/1m SPL (dB) 90.95
Voice Coil Diameter (in) 3"
Impedance (Ω) DVC 2Ω
M-vd (ft³) 0.298


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8 years ago

Its not really an easy answer. A subwoofer in a cabinet designed for a mid-sized car of 110 cuFt will not sound as good in a room of say 1200 cuFt. The science on this is rather involved, and is known as Hoffman's Iron Law; but its used to determine the proper enclosure size (based on the lowest frequency and its efficiency based on key specs), the sub amp, the drivers (woofers), etc., etc., with the lowest level of distortion for the cabin volume or room size...

An important point to keep in mind is the speaker impedance to power output. Car audio primarily uses a resistance of 4 ohms (as does this sub), but most home audio uses about 8 ohms. If you mis-match the impedance this way, you risk blowing the speakers and probably the amp (if not the whole stereo system). So don't connect anything together until you get this right!

With that in mind, I'm not suggesting that its impossible to do... but, "is it worth it?" is the most important question.

I'm going to make the assumption that you're pretty happy with this sub, so you'll need to keep in mind that no matter how well you build a custom cabinet, how well you factor in all the variables, this sub will not be as good in your home and won't compare to the sound of one designed for a home theatre. So, I think you are better off selling this (if you don't need it anymore) and getting a sub designed for home audio. But... if you want to tinker with a DIY project, I found you a link to get you started (its a little old... but math is math). You need real working numbers to figure out the cabinet, so a library may have more info (wiki has some formulas). Then, figure out how you want to handle the impedance.


8 years ago

Add an amplifier and an audio source. bam.

The hard part is converting line voltage to 12v for your (generally) car amplifier without it being a noisy line.