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How to convert a mains from a Catit Drinking Fountain Circulating Pump to a battery system? Answered

Hi All

I look after some feral cats and I am trying to improve their health by encouraging them to drink more water by putting a cat drinking fountain  close to their colony. Cats are known to develop kidny problems because of their refusal to drink stagnate water. They see stagnate water as a potential poison.

The fountain is powered by mains as per the link below. I was wondering if someone here with good electrical knowledge could pointing me out in the right direction to get this project started.

Ideally I would like to get it powered by a battery powerful enough to last a few months or more. I have heard of inverters, but I am not sure if this is the solution. It has to be some sort of standalone mini power plant, because it will live the wild.

The power adater is similar to the one in the link below:


This is a humanistic project, and I would be grateful if someone could help me finding the solution for this matter.

Thank you.



Josehf Murchison

2 years ago

Try fish.

What are the specs on the power adapter?

Volts, Watts, and Amps.

If you can match solar, battery, and pump needs, all you would need to do is top up the water when need be.

Josehf Murchisonrickharris

Answer 2 years ago

We use to go out to the back field and exchange the battery on the electric fencer about twice a week, added a solar panel lasted the 6 months we kept the cattle in the back field.

AlienontherunJosehf Murchison

Answer 2 years ago

Thank yoku Josehf.

What battery could acquired for this set up?

Would the set in the link below be overkill? It looks too powerfull, I just need a gentle flow of water in the basin (unless the pressure on that system can be regulated).


Josehf MurchisonAlienontherun

Answer 2 years ago

Well first look up your weather history to see how plausible solar is.

Where I live during the winter we get as little as 55 hours full sun in a month so solar is only good for 6 months in a year.

For that pump you are going to need 1800 watt hours a month + battery charge.

I like to use the rule of 3 so 1800 x 3 = 5400

Lets say you get 200 hours full sun a month on average.

5400 / 200 = 27 you will need about a 25 to 30 watt solar panel.

At 200 hours a month you get sun almost every other day. so that is about 10 hours in 48.

To work good your battery should never be drained completely rule of 3 again, 48 x 3 x 2.5 = 360 watt hours.

So 25 to 30 watt solar panel. $60 at Amazon

12 volts 360 watt hours 30 amp hours, a riding lawn mower battery to a very small car battery should be plenty. as little as $50 if you shop around.

12 volt solar charger circuit. Amazon $20

Of course this is only good if you get 200 hours full sun a month.


2 years ago

Your going to have problems.

May be best to look on Amazon for a cheap 150 watt inverter to run from a car battery and use the existing adaptor.


Answer 2 years ago

Thank you Rick.

How long would this set up run for?

About the algea and mould — the basin would be cleaned on a weekly basis and water renewed on a daily baisis.


Answer 2 years ago

150 watts ? by 12 volts is 12.5 amps, for a normal car battery perhaps 5 or 6 hours.

Actually probably longer because the pump you show is only rated at 2.5 watts so is only a small load on the inverter.

It may last as long as 4 or 5 days before the battery is dead.

You can make that longer by including a sensor that only switches it on when cats are around.

There are a lot of losses in such a system and you should regard the run times as big maybees. Until you try it you may not really know.


2 years ago

There is absolutely no way to expect a battery run a pump for days let alone for months !

But a solar panel could run a small pump for part of each day, maybe even fill a tank that would slowly trickle water through the day & night...

Farmers use windmills to furnish stock water where no power exists.

As I see it your biggest problem will be contamination as Downunder has pointed out..


2 years ago

Why not go manual instead of powered?
For example the same way the water dispensers for chicken work...
It really does not matter how you try it because the main problem will be contamination.
Either by algea or mould, dirt always comes into the water anyway.
If there is one thing I learned from looking after animals then that water needs to be fresh at all times.