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How to detect the TinyGPS_Tracker to upload the software Answered

Dear all,

I are configuring new TinyGPS_Tracker, all hardware is ensambled and, at this moment, i want to upload the compiled program but the PC don't detect the "hardware", any idea?

I need install any other driver to see the device?




3 months ago

Did you come right l also wanna try installing it on laptops


3 months ago

You need the drivers for the Arduino board in use.
So if the thing is detected as an unknown device and complains the drivers you downloaded are not for it then check the serial chip used or the datasheet for your Arduino board.
With the right driver is it then as easy as uploading your code with the Arduino IDE - after selecting the right board of course.

Maybe these links give any additional clues:


Keep in mind though that not all FTD drivers work with all cloned boards, or specifically the serial chip in use.
And well, if use a tiny, naked Arduino board then you need something to program it directly with a serial programmer for example.
As I always say: Provide all the details we could possibly need and we won't have to try to interpret what we see in our crystal balls ;)