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How to display dvd player chapter and timestamp info in two separate locations and not on the projection screen? Answered

This is for a highschool orchestra to rehearse and perform during a silent film presentation. The person projecting the movie needs to monitor the chapter and timestamp and so does the conductor of the orchestra some distance away and preferably with a larger counter display (like this one). I've looked into extracting a timestamp signal from any player outputs but this seems to be absent except maybe in the audio output. Also, if there were a way to hack into a OS X dvd player to output the control information (specifically the timestamp) we could use a macbook too. Only thought I had was to get two identical players and take the LED display panel out of the second and somehow wire up to the first.

Thanks for any thoughts you can share!



8 years ago

I would use a computer and a program like VLC media player... I think that it can be setup like you are looking for. Good luck! :)


Answer 8 years ago

So, have a media player like OSX dvd player from a macbook and then mirror to a second monitor? There would have to be 3 projections, 1&2 with the controller visible (on the computer playing the dvd for the projectionist and a second mirrored monotor for the conductor) and 3 on the theater screen with no controller visible for the audience. Not sure how to drive 3 monitors or split 1 into 2 to accomplish this. Can you be more specific?
Thanks for your thoughts.


Answer 8 years ago

You need a dual display card... and a VGA splitter. Then configure the dual display in the mac control panel, setup your media player and you should be able to do it. (I'm not sure that every player should be able to do it, but I think that VLC would. Also, I hate macs, so I am not very familiar with the OSX display settings, but I have seen it done.)