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How to document a project? Answered

Hello everyone.
So here is my little hell. I have tons of ideas and pull off a lot of projects, but whenever i say im gonna document a project to upload it here i never do it. I forget to take photos, projects require time so i forget about the documentation while time passes or i have a spontaneous development on my project and forget to write it down and take pictures. Also im never satisfied with how i write and build my instructables articles therefore never completing them. Please help me im desperate


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4 years ago

I make both youtube videos and Instructables for my projects. Ideally I would make a project three times. Once to figure out what I'm doing, once to film, and then one last time to take photos.


4 years ago

Best way is to just do it.

My camera lives beside my work space, and sometimes I even write the instructable steps before I start Making, leaving the incomplete project in "drafts" until I'm ready to add photos.

If you're not happy with a write-up, show it to somebody. Get a friend to read the draft version (you can share links to draft projects), or share it in the Clinic.

It's OK to have lots of draft instructables that are waiting to be finished - I have 228 draft instructables, but most of them are a single line of text to remind me of an idea that I really ought to get around to in future.


Answer 4 years ago

+1 on the camera. It is a part of the basic tools for every project. Gets sawdust on it a lot but that blows off easily. Every time you finish a step take pictures. The picture documentary will help you to reconstruct the steps when you start writing it out.

If it helps, think of having a friend there watching and listening, an imaginary one, that you explain things to as you work through the project.

Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

4 years ago

I know what you mean a one day project turns into a week long project just because you document it.

It's not easy at first, try something small an intro and 3 or 4 steps.

Take lots of pictures, check them and re do the picks if you need better before you go on to the next step.

If you have two of something use one for the Instructable and if you need to re-document a step you have the second to do the step over again. This works very well. here are a couple things to help you along the way.

checklist for any featured project:

- title fits and explains the project

- intro step explains reason/motivation for the project

- intro image is informative

- intro image is clear and in-focus

- project is detailed enough to be repeatable

- project is broken into enough steps

- every step has at least one paragraph of text

- every step has at least one useful picture

- most steps have multiple pictures

- pictures use image notes as needed

- spelling and grammar don't distract

- parts/materials/ingredients list included, with links to sources as needed

- tools list included, with links to sources as needed

- includes links to references as needed

And my favorite, Write in MSWord and copy and paste into the editor. Do Not Rush to Publish. Walk away from it for a day then come back to it and read it a couple times.