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How to drop voltage on a 12v car battery to 6v for an old tractor of with 6v Answered

I have an old tractor with a 6v system and i would like to put a 12v battery in it and for a couple other projects i would also like to know how to do this. thanks ron fancher


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I humbly suggest changing the whole electrical system to 12 volts.

How many components is that?

12 volt battery,
12 volt alternator-generator to charge that battery,
12 volt spark coil,
12 volt headlights and running lights...

Am I forgetting anything? I do not think 6 volt era cars and tractors had a whole lot of electric hardware, not like modern cars that have engine control computers and sensors and fans, and all that.

I mean, you can do the math, and figure out how much all that new stuff would cost, plus the hours to change everything out.

The reason I suggest doing it that way, is because otherwise I think you would need two power converters.

One would be the converter you have thought off already, 12 volts in and 6 volts out, for to power all the 6 volt loads.

But how do you recharge the battery? I am guessing you need some kind of boost converter, for to convert power from the existing 6 volt alternator-generator, to something capable of charging the 12 volt battery.

It would be easier to just install a 12 volt alternator, in place of the 6 volt one.

Like I said at the beginning, I think it would be preferable to just change everything to 12 volts. Especially since 12 volt automotive hardware is cheap and ubiquitous, while 6 volt hardware is hard to find.