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How to earth (ground) a programmable timer in a metal box? Answered

Hi, I am in the process of constructing a retro console timer for my 9yo grandson (his parents really). They only want the power to the console on a predetermined times. I found an idea on Instructables which is basically a programmable 7 day timer in a small (lockable) cash box.

Question: there is no earth tab on the input side of the timer and I want to earth the box because it will contain 240v!! Is it as simple as wiring the wall plug with three core cable and attaching the spare earth wire to the inside wall of the metal box? Please advice. Thanks


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1 year ago

Well, either I am having weird visions or I already replied to this without it getting published....

Just connect the Earth wire of the mains cable to the metal box.
Make sure nothing else inside that is conductive touches the metal, like the underside of a circuit board...
And yes, it is really as simple as you already thought.
You need a really good connection on the box for the cable though - bare metal not covered by paint.