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How to extent the temperature sensor leads on my NZXT pc fan speed controller Answered

I'm building a solar pop can hot air collector.I want to be able to control the speed of the fan.With the temperature sensor.I have a NZXT # SEN2-001 pc speed controller laying around.It can control up to 5 case fans.There are sensors included on it for each fan.Also it requires 12v to operate.

My only problem is the leads for the sensors are only 24 inches long.Unless I could power the controller with a solar electric PV system.I'd need to have a way to extent the lengths of the leads.My question is,which way if possible.Would be the best way to go?I'm using the solar hot air collector to heat my basement.I only use it right now for storage.But all my water pipes are down there.So when it's really cold out.The temp gets near freezing.Case in point being.A number of years back the outside temp got down to 32 degrees below zero.My basement got to 35 degrees.My home is total electric so conserving electricity is a priority.

I figure by using solar PV to power everything connected to the collector.It would only have to run when there is enough sun to heat it up.Can any one help me?


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