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How to fasten wheels on axle of a home made cart? Answered

Have seen wheels at the local big box stores.. how can I use those?  What parts do I need.. axle, spacer, wheel.. and what holds the wheel on?   Son is wanting help on a project and I don't understand.   Are there kits somewhere that have 'all' the pieces?  Is there a vid with detail steps?  Thank you.


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9 years ago

You can buy kits with all the pieces, you just have to search.
There are many ways to attach wheels/axles to a cart. What kind of wheel do you want to use? How much weight do you need to bear?

Try searching this site, there are many good cart projects. Type cart axle into the search box at the top right of this page, hit go, then hit graphical search on the page that opens. You will find heaps of detailed projects.