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How to fix a defective tumbler lid? Answered

I bought this tumbler a week ago and I just found out that the lid keeps popping up. At first, it was only a problem when it contains warm beverage. Now, it never closes even when empty. I cannot put it in my bag without the risk of spilling liquids on my stuff.

Replacing it is not an option because in the first place, I bought it to reduce use of disposables. Add to that that I am a student on a tight budget. I've thought of gluing the lid shut completely, and simply use it like a screw-type lid, but then I'm not sure what type of glue is food-safe yet waterproof.

In photos:

  1. Lid is flat when closed.
  2. After a few seconds, it pops open.
  3. The inside of the lid when closed. I suspect the rubber that is supposed to lock it in place is not enough.
  4. The lid structure when open.

Looking forward to a *lead* to fix this lid ^-^


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1 year ago

I would take it back for a refund or replacement as this is not supposed to happen ;)
It usually does happen if the contents are too hot, especially if there is too much air left inside as it expands and the pressure goes "pop".
Do some simple tests if it mechanically sound:
With the container empty but closes run hot water over the ouside - if it pops you have a pressure problem.
Fill it half full with cold water, go outside and start shaking the thing as hard as you can - if it pops open you have a mechnical issue which means the thing is just bad quality.
For the pressure problem it is as simple as taking a fine needle, make it glowing hot and to poke a tiny hole into the lid, preferably at the highest point and somewhere centered.
With this tiny hole a spill would be tiny unless you store it flat or even upside down and only have it half full.