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How to fuse leather to plastics like Poly urethane or to silicon? Answered

I am making a plastic enclosure which encloses the electronics .So here I want to fuse leather to plastic or silicon.Can anybody answer me whether any unique technique is available behind this?



Best Answer 5 years ago

To plastic, heat or impact glue - doesn't work well with polystyrenes and flexible surfaces. To silicone - silicone is by it's nature sticky until it cures

Thanks Rickharris , so silicon can be fused to the leather.But how it will get fused?, i mean whether we use any glues or we will stitch it?

No the silicon will be it's own glue - It is sticky until it cures.

Gorilla glue claims to glue leather to many things.

Time for you to experiment I think,

Hi Rickharris ,thank you for your valuable suggestion.Yes i agree with you ,i have been doing research and experiments on this.Please let me know if you find any thing related.


5 years ago

There is a product called Sil-poxy which is one of the very few glues which will bond to cured silicones.

Its OK, I'll Google that for you, save you the trouble of typing "Sil-poxy"