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How to get an old and filthy toilet back to glory Answered

I moved into a new rental and it was a bit neglected to say it nice.
My longest nouisance however was the old toilet.
Calcium and urine stains turned the bottom, where the water sits, into a black, crusty mass.
Toilet cleaners of all sorts provide a nice smaell, but even bleach or things like jiffy did not do a thing.

Hours were wasted trying to scrape, brush or just swear the filth off but no luck.
All I managed was to turn the black into a slightly grey crust, still ugly.
One day I had the honor to clean my water kettle and to remove the calcium deposits in it.
Of course I was lazy and just some delimer, citric acid, as instructed.
Let it sit a few hours, wipe it out, nice.

Hold on a second, what would happen if I use that stuff in the toilet?!?
So I flushed some hot water through to warm up the bowl, then about 1 liter of boiling hot water with two packs of coffee machine cleaner dissolved in it.
Let it sit over night only to be very disappointed the next morning.
It looked like nothing changed.
Unlike pots and kettles my toilet appeared to still have al crusts stuck in it.
When I flushed however most of it just flushed away!
A little brushing and the rest was gone too - a clean and white toilet again!
No more calcium and other hard deposits :)


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1 year ago

Empty the bowel, use a cup and a sponge. Give it a good scrub with a nail brush or other really coarse brush using white vinegar, for really thick build-up i also use an old credit card with a corner cut sharp to scrape just be careful not to damage the porcelain. Hope this helps


1 year ago

Coffee machine cleaner? What's in that? Lye? Hydrochloric acid? U235?


Reply 1 year ago

Nope all these coffee machine cleaner or stuff to clean your water kettle are natural.
Well, synthetic but the same as the real thing.
Citric acid to be precise.
Very effictive but totally harmless to the ceramic or glazing.
Concentration does not matter much once you reached the recommended amount per liter as stated on the pack.
Above that and there is not real gain.
Below that and it just takes a bit longer.
was badly neglected by the previous tenant and I used about 3
tablespoons worth of citric acid dissolved in about 400 ml of really hot
A higher temperature results in a better reaction and the bowl will cool it all down quickly anway.

Reminds me that I wanted to write something else about the stuff....