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How to get data off a strangely burnt CD? Answered

Hi all, I was wondering how I could get data off a CD with really strange burning marks (see pic) because it has a backup of pictures it is needed to be working, and we don't have the original photos from the disc. When I try to access it on my computer, "My Computer" freezes so I can't veiw the contents of the disc Any help greatly appreciated.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Bigev has it - that ring and another zone is one of 2 things... one, your burner is toast, and sporadically quits during the middle of a burn, but didn't error out during the burn.. or, two, it was a valid burn with multi-session, and another session was started, invalidating the first, nuking the original files. If xp freezes when you insert the disk, it means the drive stops telling windows that it's still looking, and windows, expecting a response chokes. You're 99% out of luck... :(


Answer 10 years ago

Dang, I might try messing with it some more but your most likely right about the 99% out of luck thing Thanks anyway!


8 years ago

try with peanut butter...
go rubbing in concentric circles...


10 years ago

well, i have a way, sometimes when you rub your CD with a toothpaste it removes some scratch which might be a 40% chance for you to access the CD, if that doesn't work that means your cd is totally corrupted and.......toast Hope this helps


10 years ago

Sorry, it's probably toast.