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How to get fragrance to hold in hot processed soap? Answered

How do I make hot processed soap and how can I get fragrance oil or essential oil to hold in the soap after it is made. What is the amount to use that will be enough and how do I make it happen?


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11 years ago

Seandogue, do you mean that can be done? Forget the hot processing. How about making a cold press base using all my favoriate oils and butters. Then when it cools or gets hard, use it as a melt and pour and add scent during the melt phase letting it cool to 120 degrees and make something fancey. Like you cannot make with regular cold press or hot press. Melt and pour is easy to make those layered or cutouts. If that were possible then I could use my F.O. or E.O when it was much cooler and would not fade  as much ?  that would be a great idea and I will try it as soon as possible. It sounds like a great idea. Thank you so much!  It is 4:15am texas time. and I am still up. Well, I learned something that his bothered me for years.