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How to get my refund back? Answered

I have subscribed for 2.95$ anually and unfortunately i did not notice the small text underneath that they will charge me 35.40$ + 1 $ on my credit card which i don't want to pay at all that much. I sent to service@instructables.com an email asking for my refund, but no answer. So we cannot change our mind especially although i asked for a refund with couple of minutes after charging me the amount? What should i do to get my refund back?


Jack A Lopez

6 months ago

Well, I think you sent your message to the right address; i.e. service@instructables.com

In the event you succeed in getting those jackals to give you your money back, maybe you could write a reply to this topic, telling us how it went.

I don't know if I speak for everyone who reads this forum, but I love hearing stories about triumph over adversity.

By the way, I personally would never have been foolish enough, or generous enough, to give any money to the people who run this web site.

Perhaps you are thinking the same thing now, in hindsight.

seamsterJack A Lopez

Reply 6 months ago

Ouch . . jackals, really?!

If someone asks for a refund, we give them one, no questions asked. The author of this post got a full refund within a few hours of asking. Our response time is pretty darn quick, all things considered.

I think you need a new robot t-shirt to settle your cynicism ; )

Jack A Lopezseamster

Reply 6 months ago

Well, I am glad to hear that, because from my perspective it is hard for me to tell what is happening with these people.

They never write back, at least not to the forums. Maybe they just go away mad, even with their money returned.

I have been reading the forums here for years, and many times before I have seen a post from someone stricken with instant buyer's remorse, as a result of some kind of transaction with Instructables.

Usually it is someone who bought a "Pro" membership, mistakenly thinking this would grant him or her super powers, or something.

More generally, it is always some sort of mis-match between what the buyer thinks he's getting, and what he's really getting.

But who's fault is that? Is it the fault of buyers with unrealistic expectations? Or is it the fault of the Instructables advertising team, for hyperbolically embellishing the benefits of "Pro" membership, or for hiding the details of their donation plans in fine print?

By the way, I know you guys are not totally evil. There is evidence of that in the fact you're trying to help a stroke victim write 'ibles. That is actually very kind.

Yonatan24Jack A Lopez

Reply 6 months ago

I've contacted service probably 2 dozen times so far and they've always responded, and usually very fast, always super helpful to me.