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How to get pictures Off of mobile phone..SCH-1535 . into computer? Answered



4 years ago

A very useful app to manage your phone is AirDroid (you can find it free on Google Play on your phone). Install it on your phone and run it, then (follow the instructions that the app gives you) use your web browser (on your computer) to access your photos or manage other things on your phone. Your phone must be connected to your computer network - do you have wifi?

AirDroid is very well worth a try (and very simple to use), but if you want different methods you could try sending via email from your phone or sending via bluetooth depending on whether your computer is a laptop or desktop. Anyway, to do this you open the photo you want to send with your phone's gallery app and then tap the photo, then tap the share button (kind of looks like a less than sign <) then select the sharing method... dropbox, email, bluetooth lots of options here, have a play.

If you can get AirDroid working it will make working with your phone and computer a whole lot easier. All the best!


4 years ago

It's a Samsung? If you have a USB cable that matches the charging socket, just plug the other end into your PC and the phone will act like any other external file storage - just copy/paste the images from the phone into your computer.

Or use the phone's file manager to move the images onto the microSD card, and plug the card into a reader in your PC.

Or, if your PC has BlueTooth, or a BlueTooth dongle, send them that way.

Otherwise, just email the images to an account you can open with the target PC.