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How to: get started Answered

Hi everyone!
I'm kinda new here, but I like the site a lot. I've been thinking some time about starting to build things, learning a bit of programming and so on and so forth. And then I found this site. Now I'm planning on forming a hobbyist club with some of my friends (we are 16-17 years old). The problem is, I don't know with wich projects I should begin... We don't have a CNC machine or 3D printer. All suggestions are very welcome, from building a boat to a cannon to some toys to some costumes etc. If possible, please post the instructable here. Suggestions are also welcome!

Thanks in advance! :p



6 years ago

Yup - what he said.
Look at the things that come into your home or you have exposure too from day to day and exploit that as a free resource - if ya find materials but don't quite know what to do with them - - weellll your in the right place my friend.
Check out the free stuff posts on here - might give you some starting points also.
Take care DZ


6 years ago

Just start making things with what you have. You don't need special tools or even have to by new parts to work with. Scrounge around and see what you can find and figure out what you can make with it. Don't get in over your head here and try building a boat or a cannon. Start simple and learn as you go. You'll get into bigger items as you progress and find the funding for them.

Just be sure to document everything. Keep track of where you found items, how much you spent and anything else you can think of that would be useful when writing out your instructable. Also take lots of picture and videos if you can.

As for suggestions... You have thousands of them here on the site. Start looking around and see what peaks your interests.


Reply 6 years ago

I already have a whole stack of instructables in my favorites, but it seems to become harder to find easy beginner projects. It's not so much about the materials needed, but more about, well, as you said, suggestions for beginners. :p