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How to go about making my golf cart run cooler? Answered

I have an old golf cart. Where talking mid-to-late 80's. Last summer the engine compartment got so hot that the little bits of the plastic surrounding the gas tank partially melted and deformed. Luckily the melting that took place didn't do any real damage. But I'm afraid that if it happens again something might catch fire. So I was wondering if there are anyways to make that thing run WAY cooler.



10 years ago

there may be problem with the engine cooling is the coolant clean and in sufficient amount ? is the radiator ok ? is the fuel clean ? is the engine ok ? not corroded etc ? fuel / air ratio set up ok ? is there enough oil ? does it need replacement ? is the exhaust clogged ? is there corrosion etc anywhere that makes it harder for parts to spin ? does the cart make new or louder noise than before ? is the electrical system ok ? alternator shorted and overloads the motor etc ?