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How to hook up Yamaha 5-Disc DVD Player to JVC VCR and Zenith TV? Answered

My mom gave me a Yamaha Natural Sound 5-Disc DVD Player (DV-C6280). In my room I have a Zenith Space Command TV with no Video/Audio output plugs, and I have a JVC Hi-Fi Stereo SQPB (HR-A591U). I have one Video/Audio output cord, two coax (sp?) cords, and the power cords that are in the products. Is there any possible way to hook up the DVD player through the VCR to the TV? If so, how? If not, are there other cords I need to able to? Is at all possible?



10 years ago

The block capital answer you got at answers.yahoo.com seems reasonable. Have you managed to connect the VCR to the TV at all, does the VCR have video-inputs? L