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How to hook up a solar panel to a 9v battery powered recording module? Answered

I'm planning to make an outdoor thing that plays a sound so I want it to run off of a solar panel. I'm going to use a 9 volt radio shack recording module. I was just wondering what kind of solar panel I need, and how to hook it up. Plus if you know of a recording module that runs on a solar panel that would be great. Thanks a lot! :)



8 years ago

Get a solar panel which puts out at least at much wattage as the recording module needs. Then either regulate the voltage down to what the module needs (much easier) or use a DC-to-DC converter to boost the voltage up to what the module needs.

Make sure you know what the module does if it gets insufficient power, and consider whether you need to design the circuit so if power drops below the necessary level it cuts out entirely.

Given the nature of solar power, you may want to design a rechargeable battery, or at least a decent filter capacitor, into the system. Otherwise, every time someone walks past the thing or a bird flies past the power may glitch.