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How to identify mushroom / fungus growing in watermelon pot.? Answered

  The medium used is coco peat from south India. The fertilizer used is organic seaweed imported from South Africa. I want to know whether its an infestation or beneficial for my plant growth?

THE PIC:http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/f6196f211f.jpg


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9 years ago

Identifying fungi reliably is a job for experts; there are too many of them, and many (most) look too similar. Identifying any given Little White Mushroom is a matter of studing exact structure of the gills and veil, the color (and, under a microscope, shape) of the spores, and other tiny details. If you're really interested, there are books on the subject -- and every one of them will warn you that even experts get fooled.