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How to import AVCHD to Final Cut Express Mac-convert avchd to Mac MOV Answered


Had a hard time editing an AVCHD file? According to Final Cut Express Spec, the latest FCE 4 can import hd file avchd natively, but only on Intel Macs, not PowerPC Mac. But how come we can't import AVCHD into FCE while Apple states that Final Cut Express supports AVCHD video? This article is mainly for people who own Canon ivies HG10 AVCHD, Sony HDR SR 12E AVCHD or Panasonic AVCHD camcorder, here you will get advice on how to import AVCHD to FCE or convert AVCHD to a Mac editable format like mov mpeg-4 dv.

What's AVCHD?

AVCHD utilizes MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (AVC) video compression codec and Dolby AC-3 (Dolby Digital) audio compression codec, which commonly used by HD camcorders such as Sony, Canon, and Panasonic.The video files usually stored in mts, m2ts, tp or trp. AVCHD recordings can be transferred to a computer by connecting the camcorder via the USB connection. Many camcorders can record to removable media like SDHC and Memory Stick cards or DVD discs, which can be read on a computer directly.

What's the relationship between Final Cut Express and AVCHD?

The latest Final Cut Express 4 adds support for the latest AVCHD cameras(Cannon, Panasonic, Sony) allows mixing of standard and high definition content on a single timeline. AVCHD is supported on Intel-based Macs.

Final Cut will only handle AVCHD files when it finds them in their original file structure (either by connecting the camcorder or using a memory card reader). It is suggested you had to have the folders exactly like they were on the camera. This is true, unless of course you have deleted some files or if any become corrupt then the structure isn't exactly the same. So, what if I am using PowerPC Mac and need to edit avchd with fce, and what if avchd file can't be imported to FCE with Intel Mac?

Solution: how to convert avchd to a Mac editable format and import avchd to Final Cut Express?

The simple advice is to use the best AVCHD to FCE converter or the avchd to Final Cut Express Converter for Mac converting AVCHD to MPEG-4, convert avchd to MOV or can convert avchd to DV that are compatible with Final Cut Express.

AVCHD to FCE converter has a powerful codec pack that contains all the codecs needed to meet your various projects need. With the codec the AVCHD to fce converter program can convert between almost all video/audio files without quality loss during the conversion from avchd to MPEG-4 MOV DV.

Video import FCE program avchd to FCE converter for Mac allows you to tune the video resolution, bit rate, frame rate and you can just keep the highest setting as you can so that get the most satisfying result.

Using video to FCE converter to convert avchd to mpeg-4 mov or DV and then import into FCE could be as simple as few mouse clicks. It is suitable for both new and experienced Mac users. Just download a free trial and run a test now.


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