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How to install Windows XP IN PLACE OF Android on a phone Answered

I have a Moto E first gen smartphone and a copy of Windows XP lying around, and I was wondering if it would be possible to install XP in place of Android on it. I don't want to run XP on top of Android, I want to erase Android and make XP the only OS on the device. Is this possible? And yes, I know it wouldn't really be useful for anything, it's just for fun.



2 years ago

So you want to install a dead OS onto a "computer" where you won't be able to find drivers for....
Might be good if you check how these operating systems work then you could have answered the question yourself ;)


Reply 2 years ago

I was aware that drivers would be an issue. I figured it was a long-shot. I thought that, perhaps, there might have been someone, somewhere who had done such things before, and built their own drivers.