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How to install a well-fed water system (pumps, pressure tank, delivery, etc.)? Answered

I need to know how to install a water system from my well asap.  Full details of hookup.  I have an existing well with a submerged pump in it, but don't know if pump still works.  Presently digging it out to put power to it and find out.  Water "spout" coming out of ground also plugged and am trying to clear.  I have a pressure tank ordered that I hope will work.  Pipe to house all ready dug, checking patency and damage.  If pump doesn't work, is it repairable?, ie., how does it work so I can repair.  How does pressure tank work?  Any tips to make this easier are greatly appreciated.  I am senior, disabled gal who is at war with water company because they are partially, if not completely, responsible for my house burning down a few months ago.  I lost everything.  I am OK with a good basic knowledge of mechanics, but this has me stumped, pls offer any comments that will help.  I am not the only person of my community victimized by our county government.  RClark0240@att.net


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9 years ago

This can be a big project but by all means doable. But there are some questions.
Is the pump one that lies inside the well casing? They are long and slender and slide down into the actual well pipe. This is the type that is used here mostly to keep them from freezing and to keep them sanitary.
The pipe connecting might not be plugged, instead there might be a "pittless" connector. What this is is a connecting pipe that is underground that comes into the casing. The well pipe adapter slides into the connector and the water then goes from the pump to the underground pipe. The rest of the pipe that comes out of the ground is for support and for removal of the pump but it does not contain any water. This is the type that I am familiar with. There is nothing above ground, its all done below ground and the well is sealed.
The pumps are designed to be underwater forever basically. If they leak and water gets inside then they need to be replaced and cannot be fixed.
There needs to be a control box with a pressure switch that turns the motor on and off. These are usually mounted on the pressure tank. The power connects to the controller, which houses the motor components such as the starter circuit and then the actual motor wires connect from the controller to the pump. The cable that goes to the motor needs to be special cable that is rated for under ground or underwater use. Do Not use regular house wire as water can get into it and short out. You also need to know if its a 110 or 220 volt system. Many pumps are 220 volt. The HP rating will depend on how deep the water table is and how far the pump has to push the water. The deeper the well the stronger and more HP the motor has to be.
The best way to answer these questions is to get someone to help you to pull the pump out. This is pretty hard for one person to do because you need to have someone guide the pipe and lay it out on the ground and keep it from kinking as the other person pulls it up from the well. The pipe with all the water in it can be pretty heavy and once you start pulling it out you can't stop as there is no place to rest it, its suspended at the end of the pipe. Finally the pump should have a safety line on it. This is a nylon rope (waterproof) that is actually tied to the pump so if the pipe breaks or comes apart the pump does not drop to the bottom of the well.
I can't remember when the last time I pulled my pump was. It has been many years. The reason I had to the last time was that when these pumps turn on they twist a little bit. The power cable for mine was touching the side of the casing and every time the pump kicked on it rubbed on the casing and eventually made a hole in the insulation and shorted out. What I learned from that is to bundle everything together and tape it or tie it before you put it down the well. SO the safety rope, the power cable and the pipe are all tightly together like an umbilical and you feed it down so it is suspended in the middle and nothing touches the sides.
Hope that gives you an idea of where to start.


Answer 9 years ago

There is a lot of info on the pitless adapters, just do a Google search. There are even videos on how to install one.