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How to invent something? Answered

I want to invent something but I don't have any idea of invention. So where shall I start?



3 years ago

Every time you have a thought that starts Wouldn't it be good if... grab a notebook and write it down.

At some point, one of those ideas will be something original and workable.


Answer 3 years ago

Tried that in my young years and did not work for me.
Within a few months I had literally hundreds of pages with things that I wanted to make one day.
Everytime I had enough time to actually start something bigger I realised someone was faster than myself.

I think the best inventions happen when you don't think about it, like on the toilet, while sleeping or when having a beer with firends.
Some stupid comment, a look at something or actual brainstorming and all of the sudden there is this great idea that noone had before....
The more you torture yourself by trying to invent something the less inventions you will make - let them come to you instead ;)


3 years ago

By thinking about it.

Take something that already exists and make it better.
Ask friends and family what they would need to make life easier (except money and health ;) ).
A lot of things started out as a great invention but the real breakthrough came after someone made a little change and re-invented it.
Take the zipper - the original had no locking pin so it always opened itself unless help in place with a pin or string.
Still everyone loved it.
Then came this guy and had enough of the mess and simple added a tiny metal in to back of the lever mechanism - the zipper locked itself when the lever was down or loose...