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How to join metal to metal to create a T shape, no welding, no soldering? Answered

Hi, i've been working on a spring loaded arm mechanism and ran into a problem. i need to join metal(1mm thick) onto another sheet in a sort of T shape. Gorilla glue brand epoxy has failed me. Any suggestions? 



8 years ago

You can use JB Weld epoxy. It can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowes.


8 years ago

To fasten it mechanically the sturdiest way would be to use a type of angle iron. Take a small strip of metal and bend it in the middle to 90 degrees. Then make a second one. Put one on each side of the upright piece and the two legs on the crosspiece. Then fasten it all together with screws or rivets. You can clamp it in place with vise grips while you drill it.


8 years ago

Pop rivets
sheet metal screws
screws and nuts
spot welder