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How to keep backlights on from a vizio e3d320vx? Answered

Hello all, So heres the deal, i found someone trowing out a vizio smart 3d tv and i think to myself surely i can salvage something. One of the thing i want is the cfl tubing back light. When i plug it in the back light will flash but not stay on and im pretty sure this is due to the control board needing to tell it to stay on, seeing as how this isn't working i was looking for another way to power the back light purely from the power supply. Is there anyone that cold please help me? 


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4 years ago

You need to check the HV supply part of the circuit - the two box like transformers...
Usually there is a connection to mains power and the electronics or it is powered by 12/24V.
The correct power for the input is required and then you will need a PWM signal for the brightness.
On most types instead of the PWM signal a voltage from 0-5V works too but you need to check this yourself.