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How to keep injet fabric printing permanent? Answered

Does anyone have the answer to how you can treat the fabric that you have printed from an injet printer so it won't fade?


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11 years ago

I am a quilter and I have used the following a lot with good results. First of all, I use musln fabric (the tighter the weave the better), then I cut the muslin to fit the size of your paper. I use regular wax paper,ironing it to the waxed side. Then I use my copier with my picture to make my copy. If you have a color copier, it works very well also. After I'm satisified with the results, I cover the copy with a piece of fabric or paper and iron at as high a temperture as you can get without causing any damage to the picture. Just have to play with this until you are happy. I usually get good results but it's only as good as your copier. Good Luck. There are some good quilting books online or in fabric (quilting) stores that are written just on this subject. A good place to see these books are under" quilting' on Amazon.