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How to landscape a front yard? Answered

I have a rectangular shaped yard that needs some shrubbery. I live in southern California and need something that will grow well in the sun, but is easy to maintain.



10 years ago

1.Think about what you want - privacy? colour? a english formal garden? something modern and funky?

2. Take an inventory - Will you be hanging with the family out front? or is the front yard for show only? Do you enjoy gardening? Will you be watering, weeding, cutting grass, picking up leaves? How much light? How much water?

3. Get advice from experts - Talk to garden centres, find a garden club or volunteer Master Gardeners or people at botanical gardens for advice on plants. I'm from Canada but the US systems has 'agricultural extensions". If you can afford it hire a landscape architect that has experience in home garden design. You may be able to alot of the work yourself but it helps to have a plan

4. Come up with your master plan and start small when building. You don't have to building everything and pay for everything all at once.

5. Remember gardens are living things and grow and change. You can always make changes as your tastes change.