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How to make 12V 2 switch touch panel for car? Answered

Hi guys,

I am looking to make a 2 button switch panel for car. I'd like to have capacitive buttons rather than ordinary switches if possible.

Something similar to this but smaller and only 2 buttons

1 button needs to be momentary as this is an external power button wired into tablet.

1 button needs to be latching (press for on, press again for off) this controls the accessory power (amp/usb hub etc linked to this)

I would like to have them backlit and behind some acrylic so you can just see the light but activate the switch.

The capacitive touch buttons I have seen so far all seem to be under 5v and I'll need to work with 12v since it will be inside car.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated 



2 years ago

Get a step down converter or 5V voltage regulator.
For the rest you need a microcontroller anyway and they run on 5 or 3.3V.