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How to make Ultra-strong, high-temperature, high-performance permanent magnet? Answered

Any instructables on making such a magnet cost effectively?
I used the search function but not found making magnets like "Samarium Cobalt".

They say the scientists found a very quick method (http://www.physorg.com/news136566531.html).

Anybody know the method?



10 years ago

What you are looking for is probably an electromagnet such as this Instructable rather than a permanent one.

...unless you used Craig's List to find a lifting magnet from a junkyard crane or a discarded MRI machine that you can use to charge up your samarium cobalt magnets, in which case, more power to you and please share the results.

K&J Magnetics, usually a fairly inexpensive seller, sells little samarium cobalt magnets for $125 to $179 per cubic inch. Magnet4Less has bigger ones for $17/in3 (though with higher shipping prices). The cheapest I see on Ebay is $512/in3. So you would want to have a good reason for choosing this material. While its strength can't compare to samarium or neodymium magnets, the trusty old black ceramic magnets are usually a much better deal.


10 years ago

You need a subscription to Applied Physics Letters to find out what they published, but be aware that "single step" does not mean "you can do it at home", and samarium is expensive (on the commodities markets, around $40 per ounce, compared to around $1.50 for a pound of copper)