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How to make a Butter Bell? Answered

Butter Bell keeps your butter fresh out of the fridge. How to make this myself? Ideas how to make it not using pottery? Help with doing it with pottery?


Moose Gueydan

9 years ago

go down to the gardening shop and but a 4 inch red clay flowerpot and a 6 inch dish ttat goes under it

to use,

place a small dish of buter on the red clay saucer, and put about 1.2 in of water into the saucer.  cover the saucer with the red clay pot inverted so that it's edge sits in the water.

this is a ancient trick, as in from the time of the pharoh's, the water wicks into the red pot, and evaporates, cooling the buter...  there were pre-refrigeration milk coolers made comercially until the 1880's..


10 years ago

Fill a juice glass with butter and invert it in a cup of water. Better yet buy one on Amazon.com they start at $8.95.