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How to make a Chaff Grenade? Answered

this is all the info i found out about Chaff Grenades...... "Chaff Grenades are a miniature chaff dispenser. Chaff consists of small aluminum strips that are specifically designed to confuse radar frequencies, and normally used by aircraft to fool missile radar. The individual strips are cut in such a way that they wreak havoc with radar's transmitted frequencies. The Chaff Grenade is a combination of a wide-dispersal system for such strips and an electronic jamming system similar in effect to a magnetic pulse; it fools most electronic devices in the current room, including security cameras, radios, and some types of UAV. "


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10 years ago

Nice info.that pic of the chaff-grenades from metal gear solid right? anyways i think the military ones use millions of tiny aluminum strips,of different sizes and shapes,due to not all radio-waves are confused/imobilized by a single sized particle of metal. As for the magnetic pulse the grenade,must contain some sort of EMP device in order to jam radar cameras and the like.